Welcome to my website!

I am Heather, a wedding videographer from Canada. Let me make your big day memorable by capturing the romance, sights, sound, fun, and emotion on your most special day using high definition media.

Who said it is impossible to have the best of each world? You can have your wedding’s highlights in a movie as well as a full-length wedding film. Let me take both a short online video which captures the special moments of your wedding day and a full-length film which you can view according to your pleasure.

In years to come, these videos will help you relive these special memories by watching who attended, who said amusing words, and most importantly, a chance to listen to the exchange of vows you and your loved one made.

I have several wedding videography packages which will suit your budget, and I can even give suggestions on which a romantic setting we can record your love journey. At the background, I will take some pictures of you and your loved one playing, laughing, talking, etc.

Later on, I will record an interview where I will explore the small significant incidences like how you met, what attracted you to your loved one, etc., on your special day, I will make modern and cinematic films of your wedding.

I have a unique approach which enables me to work significantly among photographers while I do the videography. My philosophy is to leave the smallest or no footprint at all as I capture natural moments.

Each film I make has a distinct vibe which reflects on your personality, allowing you to look back at the moments with joy and love.

Remember, each person has a unique energy signature, and your story on your special day is yours only – no one else will experience your special day as you will. For that reason, let me document these moments with emotional undertones and artistic expressions which match your personality.