“Heather is the best wedding videographer you can find. Mark and I would love to express our gratitude for the effort and time she put into capturing the moments of our engagement and wedding day. All through the process, she’s been really helpful and understanding. Thank you for being a part of our special day and making it a success,”

  • Robin& Mark

“Working with you was like a dream come true. We felt comfortable and at ease throughout the process. The way you combine your professionalism and warmth is simply incredible. Based on the films we got and how you covered our shoots, we would recommend you to anyone. Your quality is unbeatable; thank you for doing an amazing job,”

  • Kate& Josh

“She’s marvelous to work with. I couldn’t help but cry when watching the snippet she created for our ceremony. I can barely wait to watch the whole video,”

  • Jess &Tim