The Sugar Beach (St. Lucia Destination Wedding)

I’ve always heard of how Sugar Beach has a reputable and unbeatable landscape. Immediately after arrival, we were ushered to the reception area and offered a complimentary drink as we waited to be guided into our room.

With the help of Video Production Calgary, we set up the room to contain luxury recliners that would make it seem like the wedding was set in a resort location. As the bride was a master chef, we included some cookware photos from the kitchen. She was able to clean the cookware under the kitchen faucet; this was a perfect photo. The butlers were at our service, which was quite encouraging. After a few minutes, we were directed to our room. I still lack words to describe the place; it was heavenly.

Their restaurant is classy, and their food is delicious. We were given a wedding coordinator who was professional and friendly. I did not want to get nervous over planning so much, and she was glad to take care of everything on my behalf. She even arranged for my mother and sisters to visit the spa.

The next day was my big day, and the ceremony took place on the beach. The boat crew made it fun and memorable. We were to get a massage the next day after a tiring day, and I can attest to the royal treatment the staff gives you.

My special day was glamorous. The unbeatable view and the sugar mill are incredible. I would give anything to go back there, probably during our anniversary.

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